Smokin’ Rooster BBQ Products

Meet Ken Montesano: Backyard Pitmaster and Founder of Smokin’ Rooster BBQ Products

Ken Montesano, the heart and soul behind Smokin’ Rooster BBQ Products, is a true aficionado of the art of barbecue. His journey into the world of smoke and flavor began in the rich soil of his childhood, where he cultivated his love for gardening alongside his grandfather. These early experiences planted the seeds for a lifelong passion that would eventually blossom into the creation of Smokin’ Rooster BBQ.

For over three decades, Ken traversed the scenic roads of The Livermore Valley Wine Country as a dedicated FedEx driver. Little did he know that the vineyards he passed every day would one day inspire a new chapter in his life. His close connection to the community and the vineyards fueled his dream of creating something unique and flavorful for fellow barbecue enthusiasts. At Smokin’ Rooster BBQ Products, Ken takes pride in sourcing his products from Livermore Valley Wineries and Orchards. The distinctive flavors of the region’s renowned wines are now captured in every wood chip, enhancing the grilling experience and bringing a touch of Wine Country charm to backyard barbecues.

Ken’s love for barbecue isn’t just a business; it’s a way of life. His personal commitment to the craft is evident in the quality and authenticity of Smokin’ Rooster’s offerings. Each wood chip is a testament to his dedication to elevating the flavors of your favorite barbeque dish.

Join Ken on a Unique Flavor Journey. Embark on a culinary adventure with Smokin’ Rooster BBQ Products, where Livermore’s vineyards’ smoky essence meets the grill’s sizzle. We invite you to experience the passion, tradition, and rich flavors that define Smokin’ Rooster – a brand born from a love for barbecue, a connection to the land, and a nod to the vineyards that make it all possible.

Smokin’ Rooster BBQ Products

Commitment to quality

These wine barrel oak chunks are made of staves. Using repurposed barrels that would otherwise go to waste, Smokin’ Rooster provides an environmentally conscious way for you to add a truly unique and delicious flavor to your next BBQ. After aging, the barrels are broken down into wood chunks and packaged to maintain their authentic flavor and aroma. They will add an amazing mouth-watering taste and a fantastic aroma to any barbecued meal.